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Not always we find improvement in a game when they update it, this game is the exception, they add some features that makes the game more awesome. With the addition of the so called unique gems with certain special abilities, this, renders the game a certain je ne sais quoi, which I find quite endearing. I am curious about the origin of these unique gems though. Gods are thought to be owners of these gems. All players are more than welcomed to try to get ahold of these unique gems that are distributed by the gods. You have to win challenges in order to deserve getting these unique gems. You have to complete different types of challenges for each type of unique gems. King of Thievse hack is really useful in getting unique gems for you, you don't even have to face any of the challenges in order to get these gems. If you have the time and confidence to do it on your own, you can give it a try too. I have included a link to the King of Thieves hack, if you think you need some help and need to use some King of Thieves hack, you can do it here. They really work very well!

The feather gem is one of those unique gems that I really like having. This feather gem, gives you bonus if you do use it in a ritual. If you use this feather gem in a ritual in this game, you will end up getting 15 orbs. The good thing about using this feather gem is that, when you use it, your enemies will not be able to see your gem, they will be hidden from them until the very moment they reach your chest in the dungeon. This feather gem is really helpful in the sense that by using it, your odd of winning challenges are automatically way higher than if you don't. King of Thieves hack help you to get ahold of this feather gem without all the hassels.

Dread not! You get the change to fight for these very unique gems every weekend by putting yourself through a series of challenges in different thieving categories. The only inconvenient here is that, you will have to wait for the weekend to come for you to get into challenges and get your unique gems, even with the use of King of Thieves hack. What do you do during weekdays then? Well, just have to stick with the other features of the game I guess. You can use your King of Thieves hack for getting more unique gems, with these unique gems, you can combine them together and fuse them into better ones in the rituals. If your personality fits the profile of someone who likes to build things with your own hands, then you will not rely on the use of King of Thieves hack at all. If you have the time and effort to invest into playing the game or someone who enjoys the easy life of using hack in going up the rank in this game. It is really your personal choice either to use it or not, but, undeniably, regardless of your choice, you still want and aim to become the most well to do thief there is.